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Casa Bonita Housecleaning offers residential house cleaning services for the Columbia, Missouri area.

We can schedule a one-time cleaning; or regular cleaning services every week, 2 weeks, or 4 weeks.

Ultimately, pricing is based on the amount of time it takes our crew to clean your home.  We can give you an estimated cost based on information you provide either by contacting us or filling-out our online form, but until we have cleaned your home it is simply a quote.  In our quote we will give one estimate for the initial cleaning, and then an additional estimate for regular cleanings done thereafter.

Every house is unique, and every house cleaning fee is individually based. Things that will affect your house cleaning estimate include the size of your home, number of residents, number of pets, number of bathrooms, types of flooring, how often you want our maids to clean, etc. 

Standard House Cleaning Services for One-time or Regular Cleanings

All Rooms

-Windowsills and ledges dusted.
-Straighten and arrange décor.
-Dust all furniture, electronics, and décor.
-Remove cobwebs.
-Dust ceiling fans.
-Vacuum carpet, rugs, and furniture.
-Sweep and Mop wood, tile, and/or laminate floors.
-Empty garbage containers.
-Clean glass and mirrors.


-Vacuum walk-in closets.
-Change sheets and make beds.


-Clean and sanitize appliances, counters, and furniture.
-Clean and sanitize sinks.
-Clean range tops.
-Clean inside microwave oven.


-Clean glass and mirrors.
-Clean and sanitize toilets, sinks, and bathtubs/showers.
-Clean metal fixtures.
-Clean and sanitize vanities.

 Optional House Cleaning Services:

-Oven cleaning
-Refrigerator cleaning
-Closet and cabinet cleaning
-Wall cleaning
-Blind cleaning
-Other services, specified by client, and agreed upon by Casa Bonita Housecleaning.

 Casa Bonita House cleaning will:

-Provide a estimated time and day for housecleaning, with a two-hour window allowed for traffic and road conditions.
-Complete all services agreed upon with the customer.
-Use our own cleaning supplies, unless agreed upon otherwise.
-Bring in mail and newspapers if requested.
-Maintain client house keys in a fireproof safe.

 Casa Bonita House cleaning will not:

- Provide service to homes not adequately heated or cooled.
- Clean where there are unsupervised dogs (unless agreed upon before-hand).
- Provide service during times with unsupervised children or adolescents.
- Operate washing machines, dryers, stoves, trash compacters, or other electric or gas  appliances.
- Let in service people including mail carriers.
-Clean blood, feces, or other bodily fluids as our employees are not adequately trained in this regards.
- Feed pets.
- Use your phone or answering machine.
- Exchange keys with anyone other than the client.
- Sell or share client information.