Products We Use

Casa Bonita always strives to choose the healthiest cleaning products on the market.

That said, our clients cannot pay the exorbitant prices, or spend more for the additional labor, that some natural remedies require.  We try our best to strike a balance.

As a conscientious business we know that families, children, pets, and our own employees spend time in the homes we clean, and so we always try to use the most benign cleaning agents possible. Unfortunately, strong cleaners can release harmful chemicals into our indoor air, destroy beneficial micro-organisms, and weaken our own immune systems if used unnecessarily.

As a professional cleaning company, every product we use must leave our homes looking spotless. Some natural cleaners are simply not up to that task. Casa Bonita understands that we can refrain from using certain cleaning products because they contain harsh chemicals, but we risk exposing ourselves to harmful germs, allergens, and viruses, not to mention the potential harm to our mental well-being if things do not come clean.

In summary, we choose the healthiest product available that does the job effectively.

       Green Cleaning Products We Use:

  • Vinegar, vinegar, vinegar

  • Betco Green Earth® Natural Degreaser

  • Betco Green Earth® All-Purpose Peroxide cleaner for countertops in kitchen and vanities

  • Betco Green Earth® Glass cleaner for mirrors and glass

  • Dawn® dish soap for oily bathroom or kitchen residue (can be used dilute for floors
    if customer prefers)

  • Pine-Sol® floor cleaner (Primarily natural pine oil).

  • Murphy’s Oil® for hardwood floors (according to customer preference).

  • AJAX® Powder Cleanser for toilets, bathtubs, and showers.

  • Revive Wood Conditioner and Cleaner for furniture (Still have yet to find an
    economical non-petroleum-based furniture oil)

       Green Cleaning Equipment We Use:

  • ProTeam® Proforce® 15XP upright commercial vacuum with 4-level filtration

  • Terry cloths for kitchens and bathrooms

  • Microfiber cloths for dusting and light cleaning

  • Microfiber mops

  • Scotch® scrubbing cloths

  • Pumice stone for toilet and bathtub rings

  • Hand-held dustpan and brush

  • Unger Cobweb duster

  • Broom

  • Rayon mops

  • Extension poles and mop handles